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This is a collection of work in progress by artist John L. Mueller of La Grande, OR.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

ketchup & mustard bottles

I recently purchased a mustard and ketchup bottle set. They were the cheap plastic sort that are found in restaurants everywhere. My purpose was to use them for cooking, (painting sauces over dinner entree's) but the more I looked at them, the more fascinated I became with their off the shelf state. The way they were shrink wrapped was a testament to the speed and mechanized chaos of the process. The cap on the ketchup bottle was actually slightly skewed and detached from the pressure of the wrapping. Then, a cheap plastic hook was hastily attached to the back and the label was slapped crookedly on the front. On the label, there was a blank rectangular area that was just begging to be written on. If I were to assign a human situation to these things, what immediately came to mind was a sudden, violent abduction. After considering that, I wrote in a scrawled hand on the label "god help us".

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